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You can try Wikiloc Premium for 14 days before subscribing!

Get your 14-day trial at no cost. Activate the trial period from the Wikiloc Premium purchase screen (offer limited to one trial period per account).

These are all the exclusive features included in Premium

  • Outdoor Navigation: Guide yourself along millions of outdoor trails from your smartphone with heading indicators, a compass and audio clues. It even works offline! Learn more.
  • Route Planner: Create your personalized route safely. Choose the places you want to pass through; Wikiloc will create a route using the most popular stretches of trails from other community members. Learn more.
  • 3D Maps: Experience trails in vivid detail, from summits to valleys. Embark on a virtual route for a realistic 3D view. Learn more.
  • Search by Passing Area: Find trails starting or passing through your selected areas. Perfect for planning your next route with those essential must-sees. Learn more.
  • Send to your GPS: Download trails from Wikiloc directly to your Garmin, Apple Watch or Suunto. Learn more.
  • Live Tracking: Share your location with friends and loved ones during an activity. Perfect when you're alone or in a race and want to share your location. Learn more.
  • Weather Forecast: Check the weather forecast to plan the perfect outdoor activity. A great hint to help you choose your outdoor gear and clothing! Learn more.
  • Ad-free Browsing: Improve your experience with pleasant navigation, free of advertisements. Learn more.
  • Specific-member Trail Search: We all have that friend who shares great trails. Search for trails by profiles. Learn more.
  • Advanced Filters: Find trails only from people you are following. Filter by recording date (last month, quarter, year). Filter by recording month: mark one month or more to find trails recorded in a specific season. Learn more.
  • Trail Lists: Organize the trails you like in lists and share them with your friends. Create your own lists to save your favourite trails, set goals or even plan future trips! Learn more.
  • 1% of your contribution for the Planet: 1% of your purchase goes directly to 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses, non-profits and individuals working together for a healthy planet. Learn more.

The payment for the Wikiloc Premium subscription is managed by the platform from which you activated it (Wikiloc website, Google Play, or App Store). You will be charged within 24 hours before the end of the trial period unless you cancel it beforehand.

From that moment on, your Wikiloc Premium subscription, whether annual or quarterly, will automatically renew 24 hours before the end of each period.

You can cancel the auto-renewal of the subscription at any time. In these help articles, we detail how to do it, depending on where you activated it:

Do you want to try Outdoor Navigation without subscribing to Premium?

Some Wikiloc accounts allow you to download their trails and navigate for free:

  • ORG account Trails: You can see all the accounts here or in the headings of the trail search lists as an outstanding user with promoted trails in the search area you define. Those you follow or save can be found later in your profile under "Saved Trails".
  • Your Trails: You can follow your own trails (uploaded from the Web or recorded from the App) for free. They will be stored in the Your Trails section of your Profile tab.

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