Search for trails from the Website

How to search for trails from the Website

Access the web trail finder.
Enter the name of the trail or area in which you want to search for the trail.
You can refine your search using the filters on the left margin of the screen.

Do you want to search for routes from a map?

If you are one of those who prefer to visually discover the routes depending on where they are located, Wikiloc has made a World Map to Search Routes available to you.

If you search via the World Map, you will see:

  • On the right: a map displaying "activity type" icons which show each route's starting point (try moving around the map, you will see how icons appear)
  • In the upper left corner of the map: a search bar for locations (if you know the specific location, you can search for it directly)
  • On the left: a list of the search results.
Remember that the search display is conditioned by the  TrailRank:
  • The higher the zoom level, the more routes with the highest TrailRanks will appear. 
  • And as you zoom in the rest of the routes will soon appear. To see them all, make sure that you have the filters you want (or none) marked in the list on the left margin.

Keep in mind that, you may already have some types of activities filtered while opening the map since which have been pre-determined by the types of favorite activities selected by you when creating your profile.

Do you want to see the track of the routes you are interested in an embodied map?

You can do it through the eye-shaped icons that you will find on each title's right margin. If you click on it, the route will appear traced on the map.
You can select several routes so that the map can be viewed at the same time.
This tool is only available on the Website. We hope to offer this option very soon on the mobile App.

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