What is Wikiloc's TrailRank?

TrailRank is a quality indicator of the trail

It has a value from 0 to 50, and it can increase to 100 if the trail is well rated by the community.
Wikiloc does not reveal the exact formula of the calculation but there are some aspects that can help you increase it:
  • Write detailed descriptions of your trails.
  • Add good landscape photos on your trails.
  • Add good landscape pictures to your trails' Waypoints.
  • To have good GPS tracks with a good coordinate density.
  • To have trails marked as favorite by other users.
  • To have trails with positive ratings from other users.
If your trails have a good quality and are interesting, share them through social networks and you will see the reaction and the increase of your TrailRank!

The TrailRank makes you more visible on Wikiloc!

While searching trails for the next outdoor excursion through the  world map or through the  advanced search bar, we always appreciate seeing the best trails first.
For this reason, in Wikiloc we sort the trail search results by TrailRank. 
The best trails appear:
  • At the top part of the search listings: Best trails appear from most to least relevant.
  • At first glance in the search map: The best trails appear at higher zoom levels.
The rest of the trails will also appear as the list advances or by approaching a specific area with a lower zoom level.

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