What is Wikiloc's UserRank?

Wikiloc's goal is to offer a platform on which we can all share and discover the best outdoor trails anywhere on the planet.
This has been possible thanks to millions of people from all over the world who have shared their best trails on Wikiloc.

The UserRank is an acknowledgement of each user's contribution to the community.

You can see it under the user profile, within the user page, and on the trail & user search listings.
The most effective way to increase the UserRank is by having a good profile and good trails
The UserRank score depends on some factors, such as:
  • Profile with a good profile picture and in-depth description
  • Number of followers
  • TrailRank of your trails.
  • Participation in comments and ratings of other users' trails.

Beware, the UserRank may also go down:

  • If you have multiple negative ratings on any of your trails or if anyone has reported your comments as offensive.
  • If you upload a trail with little content to a profile with good trails (the average decreases and affects the overall score).
Go ahead and compliment your trails with good content, your UserRank will go back up and other users will thank you!

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