What is the TrailRank of Wikiloc?

When you're looking for trails for your next outdoor trip using the world map, the advanced search or the Wikiloc layer in Google Earth, you want to see the best trails first. For that reason the best trails in Wikiloc appear at higher levels of zoom and high in the search listings, all other trails also appear as you approach a particular area with a lower level of zoom. In Wikiloc, trails are sorted by their TrailRank.

The TrailRank is a quality indicator value between 0 and 50 that can be increased up to 100 if the trail is highly valued by the community. The TrailRank is calculated considering a combination of aspects of each trail, for example:

  • If the author has included a detailed description of the trail.
  • The number of times that other people have marked the trail as a favorite.
  • The density of coordinates in the GPS track.
  • The number of photos associated with the trail or its waypoints.
  • How the community rates the trail.

Although we do not disclose the exact formula, there are parameters that the author can control (writing a detailed description, adding pictures of scenery ...) and others that it is the community that decides (ratings, favorites ...)

If you're an author, the best way to get a high TrailRank for your trails is to share interesting trails!

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