Your Trail Lists

"Your Lists" is a great way to save for later the best trails you spot on Wikiloc and keep them organized.

Add / remove trails from a list

To  add trails on a list tap on any "heart" button at the top-left of a trail map.
A drop-down menu will unfold with your lists. Click on an existing trail list.

To  remove trails from a list:

  • From the trail: tap on the "add to list" heart button and unclick the heart of the list you want to remove it from.
  • From "your lists": Access the list from which you want to remove the trail and click on the "remove from list" button at the bottom-left of the trail name.

Create a trail list 

(Wikiloc Premium required)
To create a trail list on your profile, go to your profile, "Your lists" tab, and click on the "+ New List" button at the bottom of the two permanent lists.

Enter a name for your list.
If you want to keep your list as private, check the box "Private" (private lists will only be visible to you and they won't be able to be shared).
Click on the "Create" button to save the list.

Edit / Delete a trail list

To edit a trail list from your profile, go to your profile, "Your lists", click on the list, and then on the "Edit List" button:

To delete the trail list, click on the "garbage" button.
You will also be able to  edit the following information:

  • List Name
  • Privacy (Private lists will only be visible to you and they can’t  be shared)

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