Explore by Photos from the Web

Discover the best trails through its photos

  1. From the Web's Search by Map, click on the "Photos" button at the upper-left-hand of the screen. This will change the trail display from "list" to "photos".
  2. In the left part of the screen, you will see photos taken on the trails appearing on the map area.
    When moving the mouse over the photos:
    1. The corresponding miniature photo is highlighted on the map.
      If the photo has coordinates, the location of the photo is accurate.
      If the photo does not have coordinates, it is located by default at the beginning of the trail.
    2. You will see the name of the trail's author.
    3. At the bottom-right corner of the photo, there's a pin that indicates if the photo has coordinates.
  3. By clicking on the photo, a window opens with the trail's photo gallery.
    1. The green "View trail" button will take you to the trail tab.
    2. The white "Search for related trails" button (appearing when the picture doesn't have coordinates) or the orange "Search for trails passing here" (appearing when the picture has coordinates), will open a new "Search by Passing Area", which will show other similar routes that pass through that point.
(Available soon in the App)

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