Create your custom trails with Wikiloc's route planner

Now, you can plan your adventure from the comfort of your home, leveraging the vast collection of trails created and shared by a global community of adventurers. Choose from hiking, cycling, or mountain biking to design a unique experience tailored to your preferences. Choose where you want to go and what you want to see along the way. The new Wikiloc route planner makes it easy to plan routes that include popular waypoints recommended and documented by other community members.

How to access the route planner?

  • Log in with your Wikiloc account.
  • Next to the Explore section, click the option to Plan your trail.

Steps to design your route

The first time you use the route planner, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to design a route.

  1. Enter the starting location: Specify the starting point of your trail.
  2. Select the type of activity: You can choose between hiking, mountain biking, and road biking.
  3. Start creating your route: Click on any point on the map to start designing your route. You will be suggested a starting point at one of the popular interest points near the starting location. This is just a suggestion; you can start your route at any point on the map, as long as the point is accessible for the chosen activity.

  1. Add waypoints: Now, you can design your route by clicking on the points through which you want to pass. The route planner proposes a route to get from one point to another, based, whenever possible, on existing community routes.

  1. View trail details: On the left side, you will find detailed information about the route, such as distance, elevation gain, profile, and information about the contributors of the route. Additionally, by clicking on any segment of the route, you can view specific information about this segment: distance, elevation gain, and the Wikiloc members whose public routes have been used to propose the planning.

  1. Modify as needed: You can drag points of the route to modify its course.

  1. Undo the last change or delete the entire route: The Undo and Delete route buttons allow you to undo the last changes or delete the entire route and start over.

  1. Change activity: You can change the activity at any time. In this case, the route planner redefines the proposed route to adapt it to the new activity.
  2. Remove points: You can click on any of the route points to remove them. If you remove a point, the route is redefined most optimally without that point.

  1. Make your route circular: You can make the route circular by selecting the start or end point.

  1. Once you finish your route, you can save it using the Save trail button at the bottom left of the screen. You can also discard it using the Discard trail button.

Save and manage your trail

  • Save your trail: When you click on Save trail, a name is automatically proposed based on the route's start and end points and the waypoints it passes through.
  • Find your saved trail: It will appear as a public trail in the Planned trails tab of your profile. You can access this section from both the app and the web.
  • Manage privacy: You can change the privacy from Modify > Privacy.

The route planner is currently available on the Wikiloc web and will soon be incorporated into the app.

This feature is exclusive to Wikiloc Premium users.

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