Activate the App Live tracking

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Are you following a track on your own or participating in a race, and do you want your friends and family to see where you are in real time?

Now, you decide who can see where you are at any time while you record a trail.
  1. Click on the Live tracking button in the upper-left corner of the "Record Trail" screen. If you haven't started recording a trail, you will begin to do so.
  2. Choose the option of how to share the link:
    1. WhatsApp
    2. Facebook
    3. X
    4. Others: Instagram direct message, Facebook Messenger, email, notes, SMS, Bluetooth, etc.
  3. Anyone with this link can open it. A map will open from a browser and show your current position and the whole track you have completed so far.
    If you are also following another trail, your followers will see the full track (including the unfinished portion).

Do I need an internet connection for live tracking?

The person recording the route must have an internet connection to transmit location data. If the connection is lost during any part of the route, the data for the positions covered will be automatically sent as soon as the connection is restored, ensuring that the tracking reflects the actual route and not a straight line to the most recent position.

In live tracking, the trail is only shared if it is public. If you activate live tracking and follow a private trail, followers will only see your itinerary, not the trail you are following.

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