Does the App guide you with sound alerts or voice messages while following a trail from the App?

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Does the App make sounds to guide you within the route?

While following a route, the App alerts you with sounds when:
  • You are moving away from the trail you are following 
  • You got back onto it 
  • You have skipped a section of the route you are following 
  • You are moving while the App is still in "pause" mode 
  • You are close to a Waypoint 
  • You arrived at a Waypoint 
  • You have reached the end of the route 
Make sure your phone is not silent nor with disabled notifications by Wikiloc to make sure you hear these sounds.

Specific steps for Xiaomi and Redmi devices
Your phone might have disabled the sound of Wikiloc's navigation alerts.
Navigation alerts will only work properly if you make sure all notifications are enabled and set to sound (not silenced) on your phone > Settings > Apps & Notifications > Wikiloc > Notifications.

Does the App also give voice directions?

For the time being, the App does not give voice directions, although we are looking into it to improve the users’ overall experience.
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