How to record a trail from the App?

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Do you want to know how to create and record your own route on Wikiloc?

Record a new trail from scratch:

  • Go to the "Record Trail" tab
  • Click on "Start recording"
  • Start recording your route:
    • You can create Waypoints as you move forward
    • To "Pause the route": press on the red square
      • Useful if you want to cut a part of a route, for example when you need to deviate a moment but do not want to make it appear on the route.
      • In case of resting, it is not necessary to adjust the total time (the App takes into account the total time and the moving time of the route) More information
  • "Finish the route": Fill the route information's sheet (Name, Description, Activity, Roadmaps, Difficulty and Photos), and choose if you want to "upload" it or if you want to save it as private "only local copy".
  • Save trail.

Record a trail that you are following:

By following a route you can also record your own version after finishing it.  Here we explain how.

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