Edit or delete a trail from the App

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Have you uploaded a trail, and would you like to change any details?

You can edit the information on your trails by clicking on Edit Trail (the pencil icon), located just below the name and author of the trail.

From the Edit Trail option, you can edit:

  • The name of the trail
  • The description
  • The type of activity
  • The difficulty
  • Remove or add photos
  • Modify the type of activity, name and description of the waypoints
  • Remove or add photos of the waypoints
  • Privacy (set the trail as private or public)

Remember to save the changes by clicking the green Save Trail button.

The trails' coordinates, date or circularity, cannot be edited from the app.

If you need to add a waypoint or modify the track, you have other options:

Do you want to delete one of your trails?

To delete a trail, click on Edit trail (the pencil icon) located just below the name and author of the trail.

You will find a trash icon at the bottom of the editing screen to delete the trail. Before permanently deleting the trail, you will be asked for confirmation, as it will be permanently deleted from your Wikiloc account.

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