How does Wikiloc suggest the trail name and description?

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When you finish recording your trail, if you are connected to the Internet, Wikiloc will suggest a name and description for you based on the trail's start and end points, the waypoints you added, and popular waypoints. Popular waypoints are determined based on waypoints marked by users and appear on most Wikiloc maps. However, these suggestions are only recommendations and can be modified at any time.

Additionally, when you add a new waypoint where a popular waypoint already exists, Wikiloc will automatically suggest the type and name of the waypoint based on the existing popular waypoint if you have an internet connection.

These suggestions for trail names and descriptions, and waypoints are also generated when users upload trails from the web or automatically from Garmin/Suunto devices.

Why does the app not suggest the trail name and description to me?

This functionality was added at the end of 2023. If the app does not automatically suggest a name and description, even if you have a good Internet connection, try upgrading the app to the latest version.

This is also why all trails before this date do not have this automatic suggestion.

All these automatic suggestions require an Internet connection when saving the trail or waypoint.

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