How to edit a trail from a GPS file editor

Have you uploaded a route and want to modify the track? (coordinates, date, convert it into a loop trail)

We recommend you do so from a GPS File Editor. We, for example like the free  Garmin Basecamp editor.
Follow these steps to edit your trail:
  • From Wikiloc's website, download the trail you have uploaded and you want to modify:
    • Go to the trail sheet, click on the "download" button and then on the "file" tab
    • Select the drop-down option "GPX"
    • If you have Waypoints and want to keep them, check the "Include locations displayed on map" option.
    • Click on "download"
    • Download the pictures separately (title, description, and difficulty are saved in the file information)

      (More details here)
  • Open with the GPS file editor
  • Modify and export to your computer
  • On your Wikiloc profile, "Your trails", delete the trail you just downloaded (to avoid duplicates)
  • Upload the new route:
    • On Wikiloc's website, your "profile" and on the top corner of the screen, click on "+ Upload trails"
    • At the "Select the file containing the GPS tracks and waypoints to upload" option, click on "Upload file"
    • Leave the "trail" and "waypoints" as marked, and click on "continue"
    • Name, description and technical difficulty will be saved and become visible.
    • Add "type of activity", and the save photos and videos.
    • Click on "continue
    • Check the waypoints and click on "continue"

      (More details here)

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