Adding a waypoint to an already published trail

Have you forgotten to add a Waypoint to a route that you have already published?

You can add waypoints to trails you have already uploaded without losing any information with the  grouping / ungrouping tool offered on the Wikiloc website.
While uploading a trail Wikiloc, if this one has a track and one or more waypoints, those will appear as a "grouping" of track + waypoints.
If you've forgotten to create a waypoint at the time of recording or just want to add more, you can follow these steps:
  1. If you already have the waypoint in a .gpx file (or another valid file), upload it to Wikiloc and jump to step 3
  2. If you know the exact location of the waypoint/s:
    1. Create a route manually using Wikiloc web's trail creating tool.
    2. Don't worry about the trail, the important thing is the waypoint. You can create a short invented and fictional itinerary around the area, mark the waypoints and save the route without any further information.
    3. Once you have uploaded the trail, locate this new route on your "trail list" of your profile, and click on "ungroup" (now the itinerary and each waypoint will appear separately).
    4. Delete the itinerary of that new route.
  3. Group the original itinerary with the original waypoints and the new ones you want to add. Instructions at the end of this article.

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