The App won't stop while recording and not moving

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Are you recording a long route, do you need to rest and the App does not auto-pause to avoid counting that time?

Wikiloc's App separates the trail total time from the real moving time.
These two parameters will prevent you from taking any action while taking your well-deserved rest, and will also help the rest of the community to have an approximation of the total time needed to organize their route.
Moving time is a reliable value. However, it is calculated in deferred time. Do not worry if you think the App is not calculating. The App won't start counting until you take a while in motion. And when stopping it will take a while to stop adding time. 

Then, hawt is the "pause" button for?

The "pause" button can be very useful when you do not want to register certain positions (technical stop, geocaching practice, etc.).

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