Search trails from the App

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Wikiloc App allows you to search and filter between more than 8 million trails easily

The Explore tab is the main space to search and filter routes.

When clicking on the search toolbar four options will be displayed:
  1. Free text search: place names, and Trail ID.
    You can see the trail identifier at the bottom of the Web trail's download page ( example).
  2. Nearby trails.
  3. Open a route from a QR Code. Here we explain how
  4. Recent searches history (it will save up to 10).

Do you know that you can search trails on the Map?  Learn how

In case you want to further refine the results, you can apply more Filters, such as:

  • Type of Activity
  • Distance of the Trail
  • Elevation Gain
  • Difficulty
  • Only loop trails (they start and end in the same place)
  • Only trails from people you follow (available with Wikiloc Premium)
  • Recording date (available with Wikiloc Premium)
  • Recording month (available with Wikiloc Premium)
Once the option you want is selected, the filter is applied and you will see that routes results meet the search.
The number of active filters will appear next to the "filters" button.
In case you want to remove the applied filters applied, you click to "Clear Filters" at the bottom of the filters page.

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