How to search for Wikiloc ORG accounts

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Inside the App you can see  Wikiloc ORG 's accounts in the following places:


"Explore" tab: You will see the promoted ORG accounts at the top of the search list under the heading "Promoted Trails" when the location you are searching for is close to one of their trails.


"Explore" tab: A general ORG logo will appear under the name "Discover all Promoted Trails" which will show you all the existing ORG accounts. Likewise, you can click on this button to view all the promoted trails by scrolling through to the end of the ORG accounts:


"Explore" tab's search bar: If you know the name of the ORG account you want to search for, enter the "@" key directly at the beginning of the text. This will bring you to this ORG account profile with all the routes they have shared and those they have marked as

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