Visualise Trails in 3D from the App

With Wikiloc's 3D maps, you can now explore any trail with more depth and detail. Before taking the first step, discover the terrain's relief, assess the elevation changes, and get a sneak peek of the panoramic views awaiting you along your journey.

How to visualise trails in 3D?

When you access a trail and expand the map, you will discover a new feature: a 3D button integrated into the map. This button lets you easily toggle between the classic 2D view and the new 3D perspective.

A short, intuitive introductory tutorial guides first-time users smoothly through this new dimension. Hey, you'll see it's truly simple! You can swipe with two fingers to explore different perspectives and angles or navigate the map using just one finger.

The embedded compass shows the map's north direction and current inclination. Tapping the compass resets the map to its original orientation, facing north at a 45° angle.

Follow the trail with an animation

For a more dynamic experience, you can activate a trail animation by pressing the Play button. This animation can be paused at any time by tapping the Stop button.

You can also manually track the trail by hovering your cursor over the elevation profile.

Like the 2D maps, the 3D view highlights waypoints along the trail, including the most popular waypoints, providing detailed information to enhance your exploration experience.

This feature is exclusively available to Wikiloc Premium users.

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You can also visualise the trails in 3D from the web.

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