Trails available offline

Trails can be marked as Available Offline so you can follow them without an internet connection, whether they are other users' trails or your own.

When a trail is marked as available offline, a local copy is saved on the device. However, it's important to note that this local copy will be deleted if you log out of the app, uninstall it, or switch to another device.

If you do log out, uninstall the app, or change devices, only the local copies of the trails marked as available offline will be lost. The original trails, whether they're yours or created by other users, will remain accessible and can be searched for using the Find Trails feature or within your lists.

So, if you happen to "lose" your offline trails, you can easily recover them by searching for the trails you want and marking them as Available Offline again.

It's important to note that the Available Offline feature isn't intended for creating a permanent collection of trails, since these may be lost if you exit the app or switch devices. For a more permanent collection, it's recommended to use lists specifically designed for this purpose, such as Favorites, Want to Go, or creating custom lists based on themes.

Here, we explain how to use the lists.

To be able to follow trails offline without an Internet connection, it is necessary to have the corresponding offline map of the area downloaded. This is because, without a network connection, the app cannot access the online maps.

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