My Local Copy Trails

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Local Copy Trails are trails that were recorded with the App and were not uploaded to Wikiloc.

In  previous versions of the Wikiloc app, there was the possibility of recording a trail with the Wikiloc App and leaving the "upload" option unselected, in order not to publish it online on Wikiloc, meaning it would be saved to the Wikiloc App device (offline).

Now, the Wikiloc app has improved and offers the possibility of uploading trails in "public" or "private" mode or even to save a "draft" of the trail ( help).

If you still had trails in local copy, and these have disappeared:

  • Have you removed or uninstalled and reinstalled Wikiloc's App? Unfortunately, as this file had only been stored in the Wikiloc App (not uploaded to the internet), it is impossible to recover it.
  • Have you changed your mobile or device? These local trails will not appear on the new mobile. To recover them, if you still have the device and have not deleted the App, you can open the App from the old device and recover it from one of the following options:
    • Upload the trail: You will upload it publicly to Wikiloc's Web and Apps. From the web, you can mark it again as "private" and it will be hidden thereby making it visible from the Web only.
    • Export the file: To send yourself the GPS file (by email, for example)
    • If you have an iPhone backup on iCloud or on your computer: You can recuperate the trails by restoring this backup in the new phone.

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