The App has stopped recording and a straight line appears on the trail

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Have you recorded a trail which track has a straight line?
Did the App stop recording while you were doing a trail?

GPS tracks can be inaccurate and diverge from reality by:

  • A bad GPS signal: By carrying the device in the bottom of the backpack, in the pocket, by the presence of clouds or rain, by being in the forest, canyons, gorges, etc.
  • An inaccurate GPS chip: Mobile phone manufacturers choose chips for each device, and due to the great diversity that is available, the variation can change a lot depending on the smartphone model.
  • An energy-saving system activated on your smartphone by default by mobile manufacturers.

If you have issues with your GPS, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Turn your smartphone off, and then back on.
  2. Turn your smartphone's GPS off, and then back on.
  3. Make sure Wikiloc can use your smartphone location
    Settings > Apps > Wikiloc > Permissions > Toggle location ON
  4. Make sure that your smartphone's Location Settings are set to "High Accuracy": 
    Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Location > Set to High Accuracy.
  5. Make sure Wikiloc can use your smartphone's GPS in the background:
    Settings > Applications and notifications > Configuration > Special access of applications > Battery optimisation.
    1. In the upper header of the screen: Do not optimize the battery > Change to "All applications"
    2. Installed apps > Wikiloc > Don't optimize battery > Done
    3. It is highly recommended to apply those settings on the system apps: Combined Location, and Location Services.

Most Android devices have additional energy-saving systems that automatically stop Apps that are running in the background when they need resources.

Some mobile manufacturers activate this energy-saving system by default, complicating the success of the previous steps.
In order to avoid bad experiences while recording a trail with your Wikiloc App, we have added a new App mode called "U ninterrupted Recording" which will try to keep your app up and running when you're recording a trail.
  • The App will suggest you activate this mode when it detects that the device stopped recording. If you accept, it will activate every time you follow or record a trail.
  • You can also manage this option from your profile > Settings > Advanced Settings > Uninterrupted recording
This method can spend a bit more battery, activate it only in case of need (if manual methods did not work).



Huawei smartphones are provided with some protection to ensure that the battery will last a long time. This protection must be disabled to let the apps continue running while in background mode.

To let Wikiloc execute in  the background while recording tracks, follow  these steps :

  1. Open "Phone manager" > Battery > disable "Energy saving mode" & "Ultra saving energy mode"
  2. Disable the automatic power management for the Wikiloc App:  
    1. Go to your device's "Settings" > Apps & notifications > Apps > Wikiloc App > Battery > Disable "Ask about intensive consumption"  
    2. "Start" section > disable "Automatic Administration" 
    3. "Manual administration" section > Activate all elements  

You can see the power manager app in this video:


Battery > Battery optimization > All apps > Wikiloc > Don't optimize.

With OnePlus smartphones, it has also worked by locking the App:

  1. With Wikiloc's app open, click on your device's "square button" (usually on the devices' bottom-right corner). 
    This will open a preview of "recent tabs".
  2. Click on the "lock" symbol (upper-right corner of the app tab) to avoid it being forcibly closed by the energy-saving system.


Xiaomi smartphones are provided with some battery savor protection. To disable it:
Settings > Additional Settings > Battery & performance > Manage battery use of apps > OFF (instead of "normal").

If it didn't work, try to:

  • Disable "Manage app battery usage"
  • Disable "Restrict apps when the battery is low"
  • Then reboot the device and check. 

Alternative instructions:

  1. (from
    1. Pull the toggle bar, hold the GPS to reach GPS Settings > Enable "Allow background location"
    2. Return to GPS settings > Background location access > Allow the App by selecting it
  2. Security App > Data Usage > Data Usage Stats > Wikiloc > Background data > Allowed
  3. Xiaomi Mi5: Security > Battery > Battery saving > Wikiloc > Without Restrictions > Background location > Allow

Open settings > Battery > Power saving mode > Battery optimization > Wikiloc > Don't optimize > Save


Settings > Battery & power saving > Battery usage > Ignore optimizations > turn ON for Wikiloc.


Battery > in the upper-right corner tap on "Menu" > Battery optimization > Not optimized > All apps > Wikiloc > Don't optimize.


Battery > in the upper-right corner tap on "Menu" > Battery optimization > Apps > Wikiloc.


Access Battery settings > App Power Saving > Details > Wikiloc > Disabled
Also, make sure that the global battery saving mode is disabled as well:

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