The App has stopped recording and a straight line appears on the trail

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Have you recorded a trail that shows up as a straight line?

Did the App stop working while you were recording a trail?

GPS tracks can be inaccurate and diverge from reality due to:

  • A weak GPS signal: This may be caused by carrying the device at the bottom of the backpack, in a pocket, or even due to the presence of clouds or rain, as well as being in forests, canyons, gorges, etc.
  • An inaccurate GPS chip: Mobile phone manufacturers choose chips for each device, and due to the great diversity that is available, the variation can change a lot depending on the smartphone model.
  • An energy-saving system as part of some smartphones’ standard default settings, depending on the mobile manufacturer.


It is also important to let our devices have the time needed to receive the signals emitted from the satellites. To do so, make sure your phone's GPS is enabled and keep it in one place, which will help clarify its position more accurately. Sometimes, it can take up to a few minutes.

If you have issues with your GPS, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Turn your smartphone off, then switch it back on.
  2. Turn your smartphone's GPS off, then switch it back on.
  3. Make sure Wikiloc has access to your smartphone location:
    Settings > Apps > Wikiloc > Permissions > Toggle location ON
  4. Make sure that your smartphone's Location Settings are set to "High Accuracy":
    Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Location > Set to High Accuracy.
  5. Make sure Wikiloc has access to your smartphone's GPS in the background:
    Settings > Applications and notifications > Configuration > Special access of applications > Battery optimization.
    1. In the heading at the top of the screen: Do not optimize the battery > Change to "All applications"
    2. Installed apps > Wikiloc > Don't optimize battery > Done
    3. It is highly recommended that those settings are applied to the system apps: "Combined Location" and "Location Services".

Most Android devices have additional energy-saving systems that automatically stop Apps that are running in the background when they need resources.

Some mobile manufacturers activate this energy-saving system by default, creating an obstacle for successfully completing the previous steps.

In order to avoid bad experiences while recording a trail with your Wikiloc App, we have added a new App mode called " Uninterrupted Recording" which will try to keep your app up and running while you're recording a trail.
  • The App will suggest you activate this mode when it detects that the device has stopped recording. If you accept it, it will be activated every time you follow or record a trail.
  • You can also manage this option from your profile > Settings > Advanced Settings > Uninterrupted recording

This method can use up a bit more battery, so only activate it when needed (if the provided manual methods did not work).



Huawei smartphones are provided with some protection to ensure a long-lasting battery. This protection must be disabled to let the apps continue running while in background mode.

To let Wikiloc execute in  the background while recording tracks, follow  these steps :

  1. Open "Phone manager" > Battery > disable "Energy saving mode" & "Ultra-saving energy mode"
  2. Disable the automatic power management for the Wikiloc App:   
    1. On your device, go to "Settings" > Apps & notifications > Apps > Wikiloc App > Battery > Disable "Ask about intensive consumption"
    2. "Start" section > disable "Automatic Administration" 
    3. "Manual administration" section > Activate all elements

You can see the power manager app in this video:


Battery > Battery optimization > All apps > Wikiloc > Don't optimize.

With OnePlus smartphones, it has also worked by locking the App:

  1. While the Wikiloc App is open, click on the "square button" on your device (usually in the bottom-right corner). 
    This will open a preview of "recent tabs".
  2. Click on the "lock" icon (upper-right corner of the app tab) to keep it from being forcibly closed by the energy-saving system.


Xiaomi smartphones have default battery-saving settings. To disable them:
Settings > Additional Settings > Battery & performance > Manage battery use of apps > OFF (instead of "normal"). 

If it didn't work, try to:

  • Disable "Manage app battery usage"
  • Disable "Restrict apps when the battery is low"
  • Then reboot the device and check. 

Alternative instructions:

  1. (from
    1. Pull the toggle bar, hold the GPS to open up the GPS Settings > Enable "Allow background location"
    2. Return to GPS settings > Background location access > Allow the App by selecting it
  2. Security App > Data Usage > Data Usage Stats > Wikiloc > Background data > Allowed
  3. Xiaomi Mi5: Security > Battery > Battery saving > Wikiloc > Without Restrictions > Background location > Allow

Open settings > Battery > Power saving mode > Battery optimization > Wikiloc > Don't optimize > Save


Settings > Battery & power saving > Battery usage > Ignore optimizations > turn ON for Wikiloc.


Battery > in the upper-right corner tap on "Menu" > Battery optimization > Not optimized > All apps > Wikiloc > Don't optimize.


Battery > in the upper-right corner, tap on "Menu" > Battery optimization > Apps > Wikiloc.

By default, if the app has not been used in 3 days, the smartphone marks it as inactive and does not let it work in the background, producing straight lines on your track.
Settings > Device maintenance > Battery > 3 point menu (upper right) > Disable all options except "Notifications".
Then, open "Apps in idle mode" from that same screen and click on the trash can button to activate the inactive apps (Wikiloc should be on the list).

Updated information here

Settings > Location > Wikiloc > Background Intelligent Execution Restriction


  1. Settings > Battery > Disable "Smart Power Saver"
  2. Settings > Battery > Custom Power Saver > Wikiloc > change the power saving setting from "Intelligently Restrict Background Running (Recommended)" to "Allow Background Running".

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