The App has stopped recording and a straight line appears on the trail

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Have you recorded a route which track has a straight line?
Did the App notify you of a recording stop while you were recording a

Android has an energy-saving optional system which automatically stops Apps that are running in the background when resources needed.

Some mobile manufacturers activate this energy-saving system by default.
If when the screen is not active, your App stops executing without any error message, check if this system is activated. From the App Settings we have added a direct link for you to access:
  • On the App's "Profile" tab, click on "Settings" button.
  • Click on "Advanced Settings" and then on "Troubleshoot Recording Problems"
  • Click on "Open Settings" (the App will take you to your device's battery optimization configuration screen)
Once on the Battery Optimization screen you have to follow those steps:
  1. In the upper header of the screen, click on "Not optimized Apps" and change it into "All Apps"
  2. Search Wikiloc's App from all the installed applications.
  3. Click on Wikiloc and select "Don't optimize" and apply the changes by checking "Done".
  4. It is also highly recommended that you perform steps 2 and 3 with the system Apps called Combined Location and Location Services.
If you have done these steps, you should see a "Settings are OK for Wikiloc" message at the Wikiloc App's  Troubleshoot Recording Problems section from the App Settings. 

Still not working?

Another action that helps to skip the energy-saving system, avoiding a particular App to be closed, is the following:

  1. Open Wikiloc App
  2. Click on your device's square button (normally on the bottom-right part). This will open a "recent tap" preview, (red number 1 in the screenshot)your device's "recent tab" button
  3. Click on the el "lock" symbol on the upper right corner of the app tab to avoid it being forcibly closed by the energy-saving system, (red number 2 in the screenshot).

Device Brand


Xiaomi smartphones are provided with some battery savor protection. Here is how to disable it:

Open Settings and go to Additional Settings.
In Battery and performance, you'll find Manage battery use of applications.
In this page, you should select the Off option instead of the default Normal option.

Alternative instructions (copied from

Pull the toggle bar, hold the GPS to reach GPS Settings > Enable "Allow background location"
Return to GPS settings > Background location access > Allow the App by selecting it

Also do this,

Settings>Additional Settings>Battery>Manage app battery usage, now disable/turn off the following options.

  • Manage app battery usage
  • Restrict apps when the battery is low
  • Then reboot the device and check. 

Also, check this:

Security App>Data Usage>Data Usage Stats, select the apps and check whether "Background data" is allowed or not.

If you are using a Xiaomi Mi5, you can do further configuration:

Security > Battery > Battery saving > Wikiloc > Without Restrictions > Background location > Allow


Huawei smartphones are provided with some protection to ensure that the battery will last a long time. This protection must be disabled to let the apps continue running while in background mode.

To let Wikiloc execute in background while recording tracks just follow this steps:

Open the Huawei system App " phone manager", select the "battery" pictogram. Disable the "Energy saving mode" and the "Ultra saving energy mode" options.
Disable the automatic power management for the Wikiloc App:
- Go to your device's "settings", "Apps & notifications", "Apps"
- Tap the Wikiloc App option
- Tap on "battery"
- Disable the "Ask about intensive consumption"
- Within "start" section, disable the "automatic administration" and activate all elements on the "manual administration" section.
You can see the power manager app in this video:


Open settings > battery > power saving mode > battery optimization > Wikiloc > don't optimize > save


Access Battery settings > App Power Saving > Details > Wikiloc > Disabled

Also make sure that the global battery saving mode is disabled as well:

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