Vivo: Straight line while recording a trail

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Have you recorded a trail that shows up as a straight line?

GPS tracks can be inaccurate and diverge from reality due to:

  • A weak GPS signal: This may be caused by carrying the device at the bottom of the backpack, in a pocket, or even due to the presence of clouds or rain, as well as being in forests, canyons, gorges, etc.
  • An inaccurate GPS chip: Mobile phone manufacturers choose chips for each device, and due to the great diversity that is available, the variation can change a lot depending on the smartphone model.
  • An energy-saving system as part of some smartphones’ standard default settings, depending on the mobile manufacturer.

In this help article, we show you how to fix this problem on most mobile devices.


On Vivo mobile phones, it is necessary to disable the automatic battery optimization for the Wikiloc app. In this way, the system does not apply restrictions to the GPS when the screen is off.

Follow these steps to turn off automatic battery optimization:

  1. Go to System Settings > Battery. Disable all Power Saving options.
  2. Go to System Settings > Battery > Manage background power consumption > Wikiloc. Select Don't restrict background power usage.

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