I can't use Wikiloc Premium (I have two accounts)

Have you already paid for Wikiloc Premium, but the app won't let you use it while showing this message?

" You're logged into Wikiloc as "username" but it seems that you already activated a Wikiloc Premium Subscription with the account "username" (email). "

This message means that the Google Play/Apple ID account linked to your smartphone has already purchased Wikiloc Premium from the Wikiloc account in connection with the email showing. You probably have two Wikiloc accounts and are currently logged into the other one.
To solve this, make sure your app is logged into the account you want to use (you can check the account you are logged into from the "Profile" tab).
If you're logged into another account, first completely log out (Profile > Settings > Log out), and then log into the account you want to use.

If you don't remember your password, you can recover it using this link.
Don't let your phone or computer autocomplete these fields (there could be a small typo-error in the information stored).

  • If the Wikiloc Premium subscription was activated on the correct account, you're set.
    You can delete the account you created by mistake by following these steps.
  • If the Wikiloc Premium subscription was activated on the wrong account by mistake, we can transfer it to your usual account. To help us do so, please follow these steps:
    1. Try to do any Wikiloc Premium action. The above error message will appear again.
    2. Please take a screenshot of this error message and send it to us by email, so we can verify that both accounts are yours and make the change.
      You will find our user support contact information at the bottom of this screen.
    3. Once everything is set, you can delete the extra account you don't want to use by following  these steps

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