I already had a Wikiloc account and accidentally logged in with Social Login

If you already have a Wikiloc account and access using Apple/Google's social login (the Sign in with Apple/Google button), it can happen that:

  • The device's Apple ID or Google account has the same email as your Wikiloc account: in this case, it's no problem; you will log in to your usual account, and from now on, you can log in with your usual username and password or with the social login button.
  • In the case of Apple, if you choose to hide your email address, Apple will create a random email to maintain your privacy. Although this random email will be linked to your AppleID email, the Wikiloc account will no longer have the same email, and a new account will be created.
  • The social login is linked to a different email from your Wikiloc account email; in this case, the system will create a new Wikiloc account for you.
You don't need this new user? Delete it
Have you realised too late that you have two accounts and have already uploaded trails to the other account? Accounts cannot be merged, but here is what you can do.
Would you like to log in with the Social Login button, but your Wikiloc account has another email? Here is how to link the social login to your Wikiloc account.

I can't access my account

If the account was created with the Apple/Google social login, you can access it by clicking the Sign in with Apple/Google button.

Since this account is intended to be logged in using this button, it does not have a password. If you want to access it with a password, you can create one through this link, adding the email ( ) in the "email" field.

If your Wikiloc account has a random email created by Apple to maintain your privacy, use this email in the "email" field.

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