Send trails from Wikiloc to your Garmin (Noncompatible devices: Garmin Connect)

If you have a compatible device or Garmin Connect IQ's Wikiloc app, use this method

Garmin has just launched a new system that allows most Garmin devices to send trails from Wikiloc.

We have created a feature that will allow you to download a trail from Wikiloc to your Garmin GPS with the utmost ease.  Once you have the route in your Garmin, you can rely on the native navigation capabilities of your Garmin to follow the track in the outdoors.


  • Have a Garmin device that can save a route to its internal memory.

    *Some devices (such as the Garmin Etrex) only support sending routes via USB cable.

  • Have the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone:
    • Android: minimum version 3.20.1
    • iOS: minimum version
  • Have the Wikiloc app on your smartphone:
    • Android: minimum version 2.7.16
    • iOS: minimum version 2.7.9
  • Have a Wikiloc account: Create one here.
  • Have a Wikiloc Premium subscription or the former Navigation Pack.

Pairing guide

  1. From the web, log onto your Wikiloc account and go to your Profile "Settings".
  2. On the "Garmin" section > "Send trails from Wikiloc to your Garmin GPS" > Click on the "Pair now »" button.

  3. Enter your Garmin Connect account information, and click on the "Sign in" button.

  4. Make sure the "Courses" option is activated > Click on the "Save" button.

  5. Accept the Garmin Connect terms by clicking on the "Agree" button.

Sending a trail to your Garmin

  1. Find a trail of your interest through the Wikiloc app on your smartphone or through the Wikiloc web, tap on the "Send to your GPS" button, and then tap on “Send to your Garmin” button.

  2. On your smartphone, open the Garmin Connect app and make sure your Garmin device is synchronized.
  3. The trail will be automatically transferred and stored locally onto your Garmin GPS.
  4. You will find the trail in your Garmin > Activity type > Navigation > Courses.


If you get an error message while trying to use the button "Send trails to your Garmin" you might not have enabled "Courses" in the pairing process.

To solve this, from Wikiloc's website, go to Settings > Garmin Connect, and under the section "Send trails from Wikiloc to your Garmin GPS", unpair and pair again, making sure "Courses" is active and that on the last step you click on the "Agree" button to accept the Garmin Connect conditions.

You can also upload trails automatically from Garmin to Wikiloc (Garmin Connect)

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