Send trails from Wikiloc to your Garmin GPS (Compatible devices: Garmin Connect IQ App)

You can also upload trails automatically from Garmin to Wikiloc (Garmin Connect)

Wikiloc App for Garmin Connect IQ covers the basic need to download a trail from Wikiloc to your Garmin GPS with the utmost ease. Once you have the route in your Garmin, you can rely on the native navigation capabilities of your Garmin to follow the track in the outdoors.


  • Have a compatible Garmin:
    • Compatible devices ("Compatible Devices" tab)
    • Garmin operating system: at least version 2.2.
  • Have the Wikiloc App installed on your Garmin: Download from the Garmin Connect IQ
  • Have the Garmin Connect App on your smartphone:
    • Android: minimum version 3.20.1
    • iOS: minimum version 4.36.x
  • Have the Wikiloc App on your smartphone:
    • Android: minimum version 3.33.4
    • iOS: minimum version 3.19.6
  • Have a Wikiloc account: Create one here
  • Have a Wikiloc Premium subscription or the former Navigation Pack.

You don't meet the requirements? Alternatives:

  • Send trails from Wikiloc to your Garmin (Noncompatible devices: Garmin Connect): Instructions.
  • Download trails from Wikiloc's website and transfer them to your Garmin's SD: Instructions.

Pair your Garmin is simple

Pairing guide

  1. Install the Wikiloc app on your Garmin. You can do it from Garmin Connect IQ's website: Download
  2. Make sure your phone has Internet access, and your Garmin is connected via Bluetooth with your smartphone's Garmin Connect App. You can consult the Garmin documentation for more information.
  3. Open the Wikiloc app on your Garmin and scan the QR code. Once done, you will see the message “Connected!” in the Wikiloc app on your mobile and on your Garmin device. From now on, your Garmin will be connected to your Wikiloc account!

* As another option: Press the “Alternative” button on your Garmin, open this link in your browser (make sure you are connected to the Wikiloc account you want to pair to your Garmin), and add the code that appears on your Garmin.

Alternative process

Send trails to your Garmin

  1. After completing the pairing process: Find a trail of your interest through the Wikiloc App on your smartphone or through the Wikiloc Web, click on the "Send to your GPS" button and then click on “Send to your Garmin” button.

  2. On your Garmin, open the Wikiloc app and click “Continue” or press the “Start” button (depending on the GPS model) to confirm the download.

  3. The trail will be automatically transferred and stored locally into your Garmin GPS. You can follow the trail now or find it later in your Garmin > Navigation > Courses.


I don't get the QR code or the text code

  • Update the Wikiloc app on your Garmin from Garmin Connect IQ and try again.
  • Alternatively, if your device is not compatible, you also have the option to download Wikiloc trails to your Garmin GPS quickly and easily using the Garmin Connect app: Instructions.

No trails pending

You probably have multiple Wikiloc accounts and are logged in to Wikiloc and Garmin from two different accounts. We recommend you unpair your Garmin from Wikiloc and try to pair it again, using the same Wikiloc account with a subscription (remember that to use the “Send to your GPS” functionality, you must be subscribed to Wikiloc Premium or the former Navigation Pack):

  1. Unpair your Garmin device from your Wikiloc account
  2. Pair your Garmin device to your Wikiloc account with a subscription 

Error connecting to Wikiloc. Check the connection with your smartphone

This means that the Wikiloc app installed on your Garmin cannot connect to the Garmin Connect app. Open the Garmin Connect app on your phone, sync this app with the Garmin, and try the pairing process again.

Error connecting to Wikiloc. Check your phone’s Internet/Bluetooth connection

This means the App on your Garmin cannot reach the Wikiloc servers. Make sure your phone has Internet/Bluetooth access, and the Garmin Connect app is open, at least in the background.

If you still have issues:

  • Check if your Garmin is properly paired with your smartphone's Garmin Connect app.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi on your Garmin. Your Garmin might be trying to connect via Wi-Fi (it should do it via Bluetooth).

Error W200/Error downloading trails/Maximum trails exceeded

First, try deleting all the downloaded trails in your Garmin (go to "Navigate" > "Courses" and delete them one by one). The problem should be solved.

If your Wikiloc App for Garmin has version 2.5.0 or higher, you can delete all of them at once from the app > press the "Up-Menu" button for three seconds > "Delete courses" > "Yes".

If you still have issues:

  • Uninstall the Garmin Wikiloc app.
  • Connect your GPS to the computer and update the device to the latest version through Garmin Express.
  • Install the Wikiloc app into your Garmin again

Frequently asked questions

How to unpair your Garmin device from your Wikiloc account

In this article, you will find the two ways to unlink a Garmin from a Wikiloc account. If you cannot access the Wikiloc account to which Garmin is paired, go directly to the point “From your Garmin”.

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