How to unpair your Garmin from your Wikiloc Account

Have you changed your Garmin and want to sell the old one?

Have you bought a second-hand Garmin? 

Has someone lent you a Garmin?

You can unpair your Garmin GPS from your Wikiloc account in two ways:
  • From the Web: Accessing your profile's drop-down menu and clicking on "configuration". In the lower part of the page, you will see a "Garmin Connect" section. Under this title, your "Paired Devices" will appear. Click on "Unpair" on the device you want to unpair.

  • From your Garmin: Open the Wikiloc app on your Garmin > Press the "up" button or the menu (button with 3 lines) for a few seconds > unpair. Your Wikiloc account will automatically unpair from the Garmin device.

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