Upload trails automatically from Garmin to Wikiloc (Garmin Connect)

Simply pair your Wikiloc account to your Garmin Connect. The trails you send to Garmin Connect will also be uploaded to your Wikiloc profile.

Pair Wikiloc with Garmin Connect

Pairing both accounts is a simple process; you just have to complete the following steps:


Log into Wikiloc with your username and password -  Web


Go to your profile settings


At the bottom of the page, choose the "Pair now" option in the Garmin Connect section

In some  , you'll need to enter your Garmin Connect username and email.


The Garmin Connect screen will open asking you to authorize Wikiloc. Choose "I Consent". 


Once the process is complete, you'll see a confirmation message in your Wikiloc profile.


From now on, when you upload a trail to Garmin Connect it will also appear in your Wikiloc account!

Pairing your Garmin GPS to Garmin Connect

You can pair a Garmin GPS to your Garmin Connect account in two different ways:
The Garmin Connect App

You can pair your GPS directly from the Garmin Connect app as explained in the following article from the Garmin Connect documentation  https://connect.garmin.com/en-US/start/outdoor

Garmin Express

Garmin has a program for both Windows and MacOS called  Garmin Express to perform the synchronization process. You can do it by following these steps:


I do not see the trail I just uploaded to Garmin Connect on Wikiloc

Synchronization between Garmin Connect and Wikiloc can take anywhere from around a few seconds up to a few minutes. Usually, your trail will appear on your Wikiloc profile in under 5 minutes.

The trail on Wikiloc appears as private

In Wikiloc we respect and maintain the privacy that you have selected in Garmin Connect for your trail. It's common to share the routes as public on Wikiloc, and to do so you have two options: Change the privacy in Garmin Connect or edit the trails once posted in Wikiloc and make them public. While editing your trails, it is a good opportunity to help out other Wikiloc members by adding a description in the trail as well as photos.

Stop syncing trails between Garmin Connect and Wikiloc

At any time you can unpair your Garmin Connect and Wikiloc accounts and stop synchronizing the trails you upload to Garmin Connect. To do this, you must access your profile settings and, in the Garmin section, click on “Unpair account” where it says “Automatically upload routes from your Garmin to Wikiloc

In case you want to upload only a specific set of routes, you can always do this by exporting the route in GPX or TCX format in Garmin Connect and upload it to Wikiloc, as explained in the following article -  Upload a trail to Wikiloc from a Garmin device

Initial transfer within the last 30 days

The first time you pair your Garmin Connect and Wikiloc accounts, Garmin sends the trails you've uploaded in the last 30 days. This transfer is automatic and, normally, instantaneous, although on some occasions it can take a few days.

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