Create and Print a Map of Trails

Turn any of your profile lists into a printable map with up to 8 trails. All your visitors need to do is choose a route and scan its QR code for access from the Wikiloc App where they can also navigate it from their own phone. Perfect for:

  • Bicycle rental centers or bike shops: to showcase a poster with the best trails in the area.
  • Race organizers: to include a pocket-sized printout, as part of their welcome pack or even hang a poster at the race reception area, showing the race tracks or even additional trails in the area for friends, family, and all other spectators.
  • Country houses, mountain refuges, hotels: to include a pocket-sized printout in the room or in the welcome dossier, or for hanging a poster at the entrance, showing nice outdoor activities to do during their stay.
  • Tourist offices: great to use as a pocket-sized printout ready to hand out to visitors or also in poster-size to put up on a wall at the entrance with the best trails in the area.
  • Bars and restaurants: to offer, in addition to their food and beverage menu, a “Trail menu” that suggests the most popular trails in the area.

Requirement: Have a Wikiloc ORG or a GeoPromotion Pack service on your Wikiloc account.

How to build your Map of Trails:

  1. If the trails you want to include on your Map of Trails are:
    1. Uploaded by you: Go to your Profile > "Trails" tab.

    2. Uploaded by other users: Save these trails on one of your lists (help) > Go to your Profile > "Your lists" tab > Click on the list.

  2. Click on the "Print Map of Trails" button.

  3. Follow the instructions on the newly opened window to personalize your Map of Trails: title, description, logo, format (A2, A3, A4, A5), and location.
  4. Select the trails you want to include on your Map of Trails, then click on the "Download" button.
  5. An email will be sent to the email address attached to your Wikiloc account for you to download the Map of Trails file.

  6. There are three options for sharing your Map of Trails with your esteemed guests:
    1. Print it out in a poster format to put on display.
    2. Print it out as a leaflet or on a sheet of paper to hand it out.
    3. Make it available digitally without even printing, such as on a digital bulletin board or TV.
    In any case, the visitor will be able to choose a trail, scan its QR code to access the trail on the Wikiloc app, and follow it from their own phones.
    Whichever display format option you choose, all trails on your Map of Trails that were uploaded by a Wikiloc ORG account can be navigated on the Wikiloc App for free by anyone. However, trails coming from non-Wikiloc ORG accounts will require the user to activate a Wikiloc Premium subscription (we offer a 14-day free trial).

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