Who selects trails featured in Google Earth?

The exact method for determining if a trail is selected for Google Earth is a carefully guarded secret by Wikiloc (in order to prevent abuse and artificially tweaking trails). 

It's a combination of a minimumTrailRank, whether the trail is in an area with few other trails, favorited by other users and also the level of activity of its author among other factors.
In general, to get your trails selected for Google Earth, the same recommendations apply as to increase the  TrailRank of your trails.

When you edit one of your trails, it is automatically re-considered to be featured on Google Earth. If your trails are selected, you'll get an email stating so.

The routes you upload to wikiloc.com can take up to a week before appearing  in  Google Earth. You can download Google Earth  from  here .

You can read the post on the official Google blog.

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