What is the UserRank on Wikiloc?

The goal of Wikiloc is being a place where everyone can share and discover the best outdoor trails anywhere in the world. To make this possible, people around the world share their best trails in Wikiloc. The UserRank is a recognition of this work and an indicator of the degree of contribution of each one of us to the community. The UserRank appears next to each user in the listings and gives an idea of the degree of participation in Wikiloc.

The main way to increase your UserRank is by sharing good trails as it depends largely on the TrailRank of your trails. There are other factors that will increase your UserRank like your number of followers. Even without trails you can improve your UserRank with simple actions such as filling out your user profile with your picture, by telling something about yourself for those who visit your profile or participating with comments and ratings of the trails you download.

In a few cases the UserRank may decrease by repeated negative evaluations to any of your trails or if others mark your comments negatively.

Also your UserRank can decrease when you are used to upload trails with a lot of content (picture, description...) and then you upload a trail without this, as can be seen more as a medium rather than a sum, but after adding the detailed information your UserRank is going to increase again.

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