App Elevations do not seem correct to me

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Have you recorded a route and the elevation statistics are not what you expected?

GPS elevations in the different track points are inaccurate.
Elevations can diverge from reality by:
  • A bad GPS signal: By carrying the device in the bottom of the backpack, in the pocket, or even due to the presence of clouds or rain, as well as being in the forest, canyons, gorges, etc.
  • An inaccurate GPS chip: Mobile phone manufacturers choose chips for each device, and due to the great diversity that is available, the variation can change a lot depending on the smartphone model.
  • Barometer not integrated: Devices with an integrated barometer significantly improve the accuracy of GPS data.
To approximate the values as close to reality as possible, Wikiloc has applied a  trail projection technique on a digital terrain model.
In most cases, Wikiloc's correction gives altitudes and accumulated elevations that are very close to reality. However, we continue to investigate how to make this key information even more accurate for outdoor sports.
If you think that some of your tracks' altitudes and elevations do not reflect reality, do not hesitate to contact us and we will review it.

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