Wikiloc Premium is not working

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If you have purchased Wikiloc Premium and you cannot use it, check the following points:


Make sure you are logged in with the same username with which you have made the purchase. Wikiloc Premium is linked to the account that it was logged in on at the time of purchase. If the Wikiloc Premium subscription was activated while connected to another account by mistake, check this article.


In case you're trying to use Wikiloc Premium from the smartphone App, check if your app is up-to-date. Go to the  App Store (if you have an iPhone) or to Google Play (if you have an Android), and check if you have an "Update" button available.


In case you purchased Wikiloc Premium using Google Play or the App Store please close the App and reopen it as these purchases can take a few minutes to be activated.


In most cases, this issue is solved after rebooting the device.


Also, old purchases (like the Lifetime Navigation Pack) that are connected to a specific payment platform (App Store / Google Play) may not appear as it is not recognized as valid from one platform to another when the device and the operating system has been changed (between iPhone and Android).

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