Change the payment platform of my Wikiloc Premium

Any subscription to Wikiloc Premium, whether made on the  Wikiloc Website, Google Play (Android), or the App Store (iOS), will work from the Website and from any Android or iOS device as long as you log in with your Wikiloc username.

If you have changed your smartphone and the operating system (Android/iOS) is no longer the same, don't worry, you do not need to change anything! The subscription and payment will remain active on the platform you used when you signed up for the subscription (Wikiloc Web, Google Play or App Store).

However, if you want to change the payment platform, you can do so by following these steps:
  1. Cancel the next renewal of your Wikiloc Premium subscription. Steps in one of these articles:
    - Website
    - Android
    - iOS
  2. Enjoy your current Wikiloc Premium until it expires.
  3. Once your subscription expires, you will be able to activate it again from another payment platform:
    - Subscribe to Wikiloc Premium from the Web
    - Subscribe to Wikiloc Premium from the App

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