How to share or export trails from the App

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Do you want to know how to share or export your favorite trails from the App?

  1. Click on the "share" button at the top right of the screen.
  2. Choose a sharing option:
    1. Whatsapp
    2. Facebook
    3. Twitter
    4. QR Code (To see this option, you must have logged in to the App with your Wikiloc user)
    5. Export File (available only with "Saved Trails" with Wikiloc Premium): A window will pop up and allow you to send the file in a GPX format to other messaging applications (WhatsApp, Email, Facebook messenger).
      If you want to store the file on your device, you will need a file manager. At Wikiloc, we find these two quite useful:
      • Android: Total Commander (App you have to download from Google Play)
      • iOS: Files (Pre-installed App from Apple)
    6. Others: where you will find other options such as Email, Instagram direct message, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Bluetooth, etc.
*New! Now you can open the QR code for your friends to scan with the new in-app QR code reader.  It is the easiest way to share a trail while you're all together deciding on your next adventure!

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