Send trails from Wikiloc to your Amazfit

Follow a Wikiloc trail from your Amazfit watch

Steps to import the route:

  1. Find the trail you like on the Wikiloc Website.
  2. Click on the "Download" button.
  3. On the "File" tab, tap on the "Download" button.A notice will confirm that the download is complete.
  4. Connect your Amazfit watch to your computer via USB cable
  5. Click "Amazfit Verge" > Internal > Storage > Gpxdata
  6. Copy your gpx file to the "Gpxdata" folder on your watch.

Steps to follow the route:

  1. From your Amazfit watch, access the "Sports" widget
  2. Select an activity
  3. Tap "Run" > Setting > Course Import
  4. Select the course

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