Send trails from Wikiloc to your Apple Watch


  • Have an Apple Watch with watchOS 8 or later.
  • Have your Apple Watch connected to your iPhone. Apple support.
  • Have the Wikiloc App for iOS installed on your iPhone.
  • Have the Wikiloc App for watchOS installed on your Apple Watch.
    • If your iPhone has the "Automatic app installs" activated for your Apple Watch (iPhone > Watch app > "My Watch" tab > General > Automatic app install), the Wikiloc app should be automatically installed on your Apple Watch.
    • If your iPhone doesn't have the "Automatic app installs" activated, you can manually install it from the Watch App > "My Watch" tab > Wikiloc > Install.
  • If you want to send trails from other Wikiloc users: have a Wikiloc Premium subscription (how to get it here).

    You can always send your trails and Wikiloc ORG users' trails for free.

Once everything is set, you should be able to see a solid green "Send to your Apple Watch" button on every Wikiloc app trail screen.

How to send a trail

  1. Make sure Wikiloc is running on your Apple watch.
  2. From your iPhone's Wikiloc App, find the trail you wish to follow, press on the "Send to your GPS" button, and then on the "Send to Apple Watch" button. The trail will be saved on your Apple Watch > Wikiloc App > Saved trails


I cannot send trails to my Apple Watch.
  1. Restart both your Apple Watch and your iPhone.
  2. Make sure your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone.
  3. Open Wikiloc on your Apple Watch.
  4. Open Wikiloc on your iPhone.
  5. Try sending the trail from your iPhone to your Apple Watch again.

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