How to see Wikiloc ORG accounts?

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Do you want to know which are the Wikiloc ORG accounts to take advantage of the benefits?

Inside the App you can see  Wikiloc ORG 's accounts in the following places:


"Explore" tab: You will see their profile highlighted and at the top of the search list under the name "Promoted Trails":

- If you are close to an ORG accounts' trail. 
- If you have searched a location that is close to an ORG accounts' trail.


"Explore" tab: If your current or searched location is not close to any ORG account trail, a general ORG logo will display under the name "Discover all Promoted Trails" which will show you all existing ORG accounts:


"Explore" tab's search bar: If you know the name of the ORG account you want to search, enter the "@" key directly at the beginning of the text. This will bring you to this ORG account profile with all of their own routes and those they marked as favorite.

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