Wikiloc's Principles & Good Practices

Wikiloc's principles are very clear, take a look!

  • Cordiality and mutual respect towards the whole community are basic in Wikiloc.
  • Offensive behavior will not be tolerated: In private messages, trail comments, ratings (both positive and negative), forum posts and emails.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Always assume good faith:
    • If a trail is not as you expected, the author probably didn't know how to do it better.
    • GPS devices sometimes have satellite reception errors that will make a track less easy to follow.
    • If a route disappoints you, you can write a cordial comment on it. Both the author and people interested in following this trail will see it and appreciate it.
  • If you've had a positive experience, a trail rating and a thank-you comment will be very satisfactory to the author and very useful for potential followers of  this trail.
  • We encourage you to upload unique trails, from particular beautiful places, and to complement them with good descriptions and pictures or videos that will help users have an idea of the environment and to decide whether they wish to discover your trails.
  • Respect local laws when following, recording or posting routes. 
    • Before leaving home to do your activity, inform yourself about the rules of the area. You can ask local organizations or the trail author.
    • Do not use illegal or closed routes. Do not trespass private properties. 
    • If you use a vehicle, respect traffic rules.
    • Take care of the living creatures and the environment surrounding you. Leave no trace behind other than your footprint. Take nothing with you except for your memories.
    • Remember that doing good is good karma! :-)

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