My trails are not in the App

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The Wikiloc App is constantly being synchronized with your Wikiloc Web profile.

Routes that have been uploaded to the Web as "public" or from the App (with the "upload" setting selected), will appear in the "Your Trails" section of the App's "Profile" tab.
There are some circumstances in which your trails may not appear on the App:
  • Routes saved as "Private" on the Web.
    If you copy the Trail ID from the Web (by entering in your profile, "Your Trails", "view details" on the route you want to see, "download" button, you will see the ID at the bottom of the box). You can paste it into the search bar of the App and make this hidden trail appear.
  • Routes from other Wikiloc accounts (make sure you have logged in with the same username as the one the trail is under)
  • Routes you have deleted from the Web (if you had previously "saved" the route while using the App, it will still be there)

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